The importance of being organized.

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Being organized is vital. Being organized makes life easier, makes it less likely to lose things and saves a lot of time. Three examples will show you why. It is essential for many important things like school or works, and even everyday things, like doing bills or remembering events.

First of all, Organization can prove to be helpful, making life easier. It's 6 o'clock in the morning; both Bill and Ted are already running late for work. Bill has enough time to look for his shoes, but he just can't find them, while on the other hand, Ted, always puts his shoes in the same place. Ted grabs his shoes and heads off to work, while Bill is stressfully still looking for his shoes. In this example, it is clear how organization makes life easier. Now Bill doesn't have enough time to get some coffee on his way to work, leaving him irritable all day.

It sure makes a difference, and makes life more convenient.

Secondly, organization helps to not lose things. In this example, it is blatantly obvious why: Bill and Ted are doing their homework together. They have been working hard all night. Bill decides to go home and call it a night. Ted puts his finished homework in his folder and tucks it away in his desk. Bill, wanting to go watch TV then go to sleep, lays down his homework somewhere and soon forgets where it is. The next day, Bill and Ted show up for school. The teacher asks why Bill didn't turn in his homework. Bill Replies, "I did it, but I couldn't remember where I put it." Bill gets an F on his homework for the day. Bill lost his homework because he didn't take an extra minute to put his homework away in its own designated place. Ted, however, got an A. He put his homework away in a place that he knew he would be able to find it. Bill lost his homework; Ted didn't because he was organized.

To add to those reasons, being organized saves a lot of time. In the first example about Bill and Ted, Ted has time to stop for coffee and still arrive at work on time. Bill wasn't organized. He couldn't stop for coffee, and barely got to work on time. Ted saved himself a lot of time, simply because he was organized.

In conclusion, being organized can makes helpful contributions towards several areas in life. It is imperative in life and becomes easier and easier the more it is practiced.