The Importance of Peers in Children: CFS-494-Parenting Strategies.

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During the adolescent years peers are extremely important because they need their peer's guidance for everything. All adolescents want to be like their peers because it is the peers that set the style and all children want to look good in their peer's eyes.

The number one importance is communication. There are many ways that parents can use to communicate with their children such as: playing psychological roles, always start the sentence with a question word so that the child will have to produce some type of answer, making sure that the child stays focused and never letting them forget who they are as an individual, and there so much more. There are going to be physical changes, psychological changes, situations at school, situations dealing with the opposite sex, and by promoting a positive relationship with the peer leaves the lines of communications open so they can communicate with the peer/peers and feel trust, honesty, and never feel judged from their peer.

I am sure there was peer pressure around me and possibly even trying to be push on me, but I never noticed it or suffered from it because I was the type of person who set my own style and did what I felt was right regardless of what the others did and I feel proud of this quality that my parents instilled in me. My parents did lets me spend time with my friends but their has to be certain guidelines followed first, like if I went to my friends house one of the parents had to be at home and also my parents (at least one) had to known their parents; if we were not at one or the others house we had to be in a place that my mom could call and reach...