The importance of reason and emotion in distinguishing between belief and knowledge.

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Belief comes from every emotion of a person in order for him to sense what is right and wrong inside his thoughts. On the other hand, knowledge is based upon reason that people had tried to discover to answer mysteries found in universe. One can argue that they both exist inside our minds and also have some similarities and differentiations. Focusing at emotion and reason will be the best way to distinguish between belief and knowledge.

With the help of emotions, people can sense spiritual things and such that belief is sensed through emotion by believer. As emotion may vary on different person in different situation, there would be infinite belief. Everyone have rights in following their own emotion and create individual statement that can be much more different from any other belief from different person. There often came times when things can not be proven yet. In any situation like this, he or she will just have to believe in what he or she thinks is right.

Such as religious provides statements that can not yet be proven by anyone. Taking Christian, one of the most common religious in the world, as a matter of fact state that God exist. Many Christianities proclaim in their society that they had sensed the presence of God. In other cases, "many people say we can not know the truth of spiritual things"1. This will bring to a belief for those who put faith in it. God is to be categorized as a spiritual thing for us human being. Thus no one can prove to those who do not believe in God that He really exists. Belief is born because of thoughts that still have got neither proof nor reason to judge its truthful ness.

Unlike belief, knowledge is not directly supported...