Important Qualities of Marriage

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Marriage is an institution that has been around since the dawn of time. Many important factors go into making a marriage work. This is not something people should rush into quickly or take for granted. It takes hard work on both sides involved to ensure that a marriage will survive through the hardships it may face.

While conducting my interviews I learned that the couples who were married the longest took marriage more seriously than the ones only married for five years. I believe this to be because of the difference of generations and how they were raised. The younger generations are not raised believing that marriage is not necessary in order to survive in the world. The older generations are taught that marriage is very important and this is what one must do in order to have a relationship with a person of the opposite sex. The type of upraising does have an effect on how a person views the institution of marriage.

All three couples stated that the biggest adjustment made after getting married was getting used to the idea of sharing a house with someone other than immediate family. It takes time getting use to a person's little quirks and habits, especially if they are totally opposite from the spouse's. They all agreed though that it was important to be patient and understanding and not critical of a spouse's habits. They also agreed that though a person should not have to change for their spouse, they should at least be willing to compromise on certain things to make the relationship stronger. This compromise also needs to be from both parties involved, not just from one side or the other. This is an important factor for any relationship for a person cannot expect only one side to...