IMVU : Evaulation and Analysis (Philippine Setting)

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IntroductionIMVU is an free instant messaging client presented in a graphical way. It is focused on allowing customizations of avatars and environments while letting users interact with other users using movements of text chatting.

Navigational ChartFeaturesIMVU Messenger allows users to send messages, hold conferences, customize avatars, manage buddies or contacts, shop for customizations, etc. These functionalities may be are all available to the users through this main window.

1.ChatOne unique feature of IMVU is that chatting is not in ordinary text panes but are on bubbles above each user's avatar. A user can chat with his or her existing buddy/contact by selecting the avatar name from the main window and selecting "Invite to IM". Also, by clicking the option "Chat Now" allows the user to find an immediate person to chat with.

1.1 Buddy1.1a Search BuddyA user can search people thorough the IMVU database.

1.1b Add BuddyUsers can add buddies into their contacts by typing in the avatar name of their requested buddies.

1.1c Block FunctionA user can block the user that he doesn't want to chat with by simply clicking the block link at the user's site.

1.2 RoomsA user can chat with other people through public rooms or through own created rooms. The room's 3D environment are customizable.

1.2a Public Room1.2b Own RoomThis window is initially opened upon log in of the user.

2. Virtual Points2.1 Earn points•A user earns credits when:•He refers other people to join IMVU;•He adds a banner of his avatar to his website;•He joins IMVU ringtones;•He browses the new products page;•Sell created products.

2.2 Buy pointsA user can buy points for about a dollar for 1000 points.

2.3 Give pointsA user can give points to other people by indicating the recipient's avatar name.

2.4 Redeem pointsA user can buy a...