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Brother Dear by: Bernice Friesen and A Walk to the Jetty by: Jamaica Kincaid, are two short stories exploring the theme of independence. Bernice Friesen shows how family life can change the mind of a family member. The quality of one's life often determines how fulfilled they will be in their adult lives. Sharlene, the protagonist in Brother Dear, learns about independence from her older brother, Greg. At first, she is confused about what she should do, but at the end of the story she learns something she had never preciously considered. In addition, Bernice Friesen reveals the environment around Sharlene which further help build her mind toward independence. The city she lives in is not the best place to live and she needs to get her independence before it is too late. The protagonist in A Walk to the Jetty also faces similar family relations in comparison with Brother Dear.

Annie John, the protagonist, is fed up with her family because she does not want to hear her mother washing her face, brushing her teeth, and gargling, but there are many obstacles she has to face before finding independence. Both authors show how individuals must at some point separate form their family if they are to establish a meaningful sense of who they are or wish to become.

One of the factor which pushes both protagonists into getting independence is the environment they are living in. Grassbank, in Brother Dear, is a small town where there are not a lot of opportunities. Sharlene calls her home town "the land of sheer boredom" because there is nothing much going on in it. The town is not very active and there is nothing much people can do. In order for Sharlene to become a CBC news reporter, she has to...