The Inductive Human Necessity of Tyranny and the Introduction of Perceptual Spatial Proximity Existence (PSPE) and the Pragmatic Perceptual Permutation Theory (PPPT)

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****The following essay contains sexual connotations used within a theoretical argument in regards to the human species' inherent desire for sexual satisfaction that may be inappropriate for minors. Parental guidance is suggested during the reading of this essay. ****

This essay is actually an excerpt from a book I am writing on the Third Reich (The Third Reich, A Revolution of Ideological Inhumanity) and introduces two self-formulated theories regarding perceptions. The reader may or may not agree with these theories, however they are presented here and in the book to compel the reader to contemplate the need for some form of voluntary or involuntary tyranny within any society. Such tyranny does not always need to exist in the form Hitler and his Third Reich displayed, nor does it necessarily need to be in the form of fascism, communism, or any other similar type of dictatorship. In fact, it is not necessary for the mere existence of tyranny to involve inhumane, or otherwise widely considered bad treatment of those it controls.

Therefore, this essay attempts to theoretically show that one; tyranny must exist among civilized human beings and two; tyranny can exist in both a humane and inhumane manner. Of course, as I said, you the reader may not agree with any or all of the contents of this essay, but it is presented to require the reader to think in terms of the necessity of some form of obligatorily logical set of rules and regulations based on preconceived ideologies that are designed to among other things thwart human anarchy, and give direction to the lives of human beings in a manner that is consistent with their own perceptions of their environment.

Main Premise: Anarchy Deductively Postulates Concomitant Human Tyranny.

I begin this argument for the necessity of the existence...