Industrial Music

Essay by Jason BolsterA, December 1996

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Rock and roll is dead. It's a fact. During the eighties romp of techno

and fashion bands, people forgot all about it. In the late eighties and early

nineties alternative music tried to save rock and roll, but it was too big of a

category. If a band didn't sing country or rap, they were considered

alternative. Every alternative band had their own idea of music, and it all


apart, running farther away from rock. Finally, when alternative became


defined and broke off into categories, one specific type of alternative


industrial music, made the best attempt in a decade to revive the long


era of rock and roll. The only problem with this new rock is that it was


from being forgotten for over a decade and now it's back, filled with angst


hatred. Industrial music has weaved rock and roll with evil and misery.

The founder and leader of the industrial revolution is the band Nine Inch

Nails. Most people do not classify Nine Inch Nails as a band though. The

writer, producer, lead vocalist, keyboarder and guitarist of the band is Trent

Reznor. For the past two years, Trent has been the artist of the year in

Spin magazine and NIN has been the number two band of the year. In

1994, Nine

Inch Nails was announced MTV's band of the year. This was a great honor

because MTV spends most of it's time with rap and hip-hop. When NIN's

first album came out in 1989, it was mostly rock and roll with a techno

twist, containing songs full of depressing, suicidal lyrics. Then as the next

two albums arose, Trent became more evil with his music, using machines

and pretty much anything he could find that would make his music sound...