The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution may be defined as the culmination of radical socioeconomic changes that are brought about when there is a shift from home-based hand manufacturing to large-scale factory production. From 1750 to 1870, an Industrial Revolution occurred beginning in Manchester England, spreading throughout the world. This period is marked by invention, transportation improvements, mass production and trade. There is much controversy on whether the summation of all of the events that occurred during the industrial revolution had a positive affect.

The industrial revolution had a great impact on the society. It improved the quality of life by providing more products at a cheaper price. More jobs became open to the people and the standard of living for factory owners improved. The population became more mobile with new modes of transportation. New technology was abundant and the civilization seemed to be progressing. However, associated with the success and prosperity there were problems that occurred in a changing society more densely populated city's lacked acquit sanitation systems and disease became rampant.

The factories polluted the air and water. Inside the factories there were very poor and dangerous working conditions. The government policy was not to internee in private business, because of this the employees had to work long hard hours for almost nothing. There was no law against child labor, no minimum wage, and no maximum working hours. These factors allowed the factory owners to do almost anything they wanted. In this way the industrial revolution helped to reinstated the social classes. Although mass production lowed prices, wages were also deceased so people still couldn't afford much. The sanitation problems and decease affected the living conditions of the populous as well.

The industrial revolution had an impact on politics. The industrial revolution created corrupt officials who would take bribes, or give...