The Meaning of the Industrial Revolution

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Revolution means "a sudden movement or a change in a situation." For example, if a war is taking place people would adapt to different things and make changes and try to help their country win the war. People would switch from farming to manufacturing to help provide uniforms, weapons, and other kinds of military supplies. That would be a revolution when a sudden change occurs because of a situation.

The Industrial Revolution in the United States had a large effect on the cities. Cities grew larger and became more crowded because of the manufacturing that was taking place. People who were unemployed moved to cities hoping they could get a job at a factory. That is how all of the cities got crowded. Due to the productivity fewer workers were needed so some people lost their jobs during the revolution. The life in cities during the Industrial Revolution was different due to the flood of rural workers.

The Industrial Revolution also had a great effect on adults because women had taken jobs working in textile factories and working with cloths. Men also moves to the cities in search of a job in a local factory. Since factories opened adults had great opportunities to move to the cites and apply for a job at a local factory and make some money to support their families.

The Industrial Revolution also had a large effect on the children in America. Children also got jobs in factories to help support their families and make some extra money for them. Some children worked for fourteen hours a day and got a very low salary for their hard work. Children from young ages would start to work at factories. Children would start working in a factories at the age of five. Life was very hard for...