Inequalities on Gender

Essay by robert20LAB+, May 2003

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In today's society, women and male gender roles reflect on more that only just what people think about sex roles. In this research, I will inform the reader about stereotypes that society accepts when dealing with gender roles. In addition, this paper will explain the reasons gender roles are labeled the way they are: feminine, masculine, dominant, submissive and sexual, which are portrayed by individuals in the mass media. The behavior of sex roles in today's society form the central discussion of why women and men become portrayed as how they are. A masculinity aspect in the mass media is a social concern over a feminine aspect; therefore, it brings our conclusion that the differences of gender are a subject of power. Mostly all the articles that I came about to research show in detail where gender role takes place. The topic of gender roles is important to our society, since they display messages that are unjust and shocking stereotypes.

These acts draw our attention to become more aware of what the media is promoting. While looking at articles, the first things that individuals come across with are promotions of any kind. In our view, women are used to rank a promotion, therefore, the better looking, the best chance for a male to purchase the object. The articles that I will focus on are about men and women playing a role of sexual, submissive, and dominant characteristics that are an effect in today's society for their reputation. The message that I will like to bring up is that many articles introduce women who do not show their interior, but only their physical beauty. All in all, gender roles influence the different relationships between men and women.


Looking through magazines gave me the opportunity to learn about social aspects...