Influential Technological Advancements of the 20th Century

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The period of 20th century has been recognized and addressed as a period of political war, period of radical change and a period of rapid inventions which transformed the lifestyle of the whole world. The development and the growth in the field of accelerated scientific understanding, more efficient communication, speedy and better controlled transportation, changed the dynamics of the world and the people more than any time in the history of nations. The technological influences which emerged in this period, outshines the contributions of the industrial revolution. The multidimensional impact of this technological revolution touched every aspect of human life from electricity and automobile to space shuttle and landing on the moon; along with the radio, television and the special effect movies. The dynamic introduction of the computers, phones and the electronic gadgets marks a breakthrough in communication technology. The impact of the technological influence serves a profound impact on the lifestyle and thinking o f the people and the pace at which they live their life.

The technologies which profoundly changed the world view and life of the people globally are: information technologies, movement technologies, entertainment technologies and health technologies. This technological growth and exposure has transformed the scientific inquiry in the minds of people, radically changing the way they live, experience and see the same world. It has accounted for the present globalization, breaking the barriers of confined doors and nationalism.

The quantum jumps in the technologies of information seem to have impacted wider range of people and for a longer period of time, crossing the barriers of domestic market and dynamically transforming the world connectivity. Among them four revolutionary information technologies deserve special attention, these are: telephones, television, mainframe and personal computers and music technology. (Sanders, 1999) The most engaging aspect of the change is that most...