To Inform by Demonstrating How to make spaghetti exciting

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How to make spaghetti exciting

Specific purpose: To inform my audience on how you can make spaghetti exciting

Central Idea: you can always make food more fun if you become creative

Organizational Pattern: Tropical


I) Freshly boiled noodles, thick smooth sauce, meatballs, lemons, cheese, pars leaf are the necessary ingredients for this exciting dish

A. Not what you think when your thinking about spaghetti

B. Learning how to cook spaghetti is simple, its basic steps, easy to follow

i. but its when you become creative, that you can make it more fun

II) I'm going to show you how to make a face out of spaghetti

A. you will be able to entertain guest, or have a dish your children would look forward to

III) Like many of you, I've always know how to cook spaghetti

A. It wasn't until this recent project, requiring my creative ideas, that allowed me to think of making a face out of spaghetti

B. I have tested it, and its fun. You and your friends/family will get a good laugh

IV) There are only two main steps

A. Step one is to prepare the food

B. Step two is to become creative

(Transition: Let's begin with preparation.)


I) Preparing to cook spaghetti is simple

A. you need spaghetti noodles, meatballs, thick tomato sauce, and packaged meat.

i. getting creative you need one lemon, garlic bread and pars leaf

B. You should place the garlic bread in first, give or take its cooking time of about 30-35 min

C. You want to bring the noodles to a boil

i. drain water from noodles

D. Fry meat, allowing it to turn brown

i. as meats cooking, grind

E. For the meatballs, I prefer microwavable ones

i. it's a time saver

F. Heat up...