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Bolun Wang

INFS 5978


Part B

This assignment is certainly a great experience for me to work with other people as a team to achieve a common goal. Working as a team definitely brings us challenges because we form a group with multi-culture background. Thus working with each other start from a total stranger could be more challenging for me. I can clearly sense my teamwork skill has improved over this assignment that I can communicate better with other team member and working myself efficiently and effectively. We learned and improved from each other and because of this we can complete the assignment efficiently.

I believe a free communication environment is important for a successful teamwork. Thought from different team member should be reaching out to each other thus the team can cooperate better within itself. I also believe that listening to different voices from group members could create a competitive and collaborate learning environment which essential to accomplish projects.

This is a great experience for me to know different people and their difference in background and culture. With this assignment completed we had a better knowledge of teamwork and known each other better to become friends.

Also there is still room for improve and change for future team work practice. We only had two meetings for the team to work out the assignment. I believe in the future this could be improved by assigning more meeting time thus team members could exchange their idea better and thus perform better for the assignment. Another way I believe could be used in future teamwork practice is to have team members overlook each other's work instead of assigning the editing job to one member. This could minimize the error that could possibly happen to the assignment thus further improve its quality.