The Ink Blot Test

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The Rorschach Test


The Rorschach Test


Projective tests consist of a subject being shown ambiguous stimuli which require interpretation. These tests require the subject to interpret from within, which reflects the projection of inner needs and feelings onto the stimulus (Passer & Smith, 2007).

The Rorschach is classified as a projective personality test where subjects are shown ambiguous stimuli in the form of 10 inkblots which allow for a variety of interpretations and responses to be recorded (Weiner, 1998). The Rorschach is highly controversial and one of the most misunderstood psychological tests (Aronow, Reznikoff, & Moreland, 1995; Lilienfeld, Wood & Garb, 2000).



. The Rorschach Inkblot Test is one of the more popular personality tests which during this test partaker is asked to relate inkblots with beliefs, things, and idea (Burl & Richard, 1998).

Herman Rorschach designed it in 1961.

Herman Rorschach studied three hundred psychological patients and hundred control subjects. Then in 1921 he started work on his book tilted Psychodiagnostik (Hejelle& & Ziegler 1992). This book set the foundation for the inkblot test after he experimented with more than hundred inkblots, he choose only t 10 of them as they had diagnostic value. Burt unfortunately he died a year after that.

After the death the original founder, the scoring system was further improved by a few researchers, namely Samuel Beck and Bruno Klopfer. John E. Exner organized these improvements in a comprehensive system; he made sure that the scoring was statistically accurate (Exner, 2003). Till toady this scoring system of the test is used.

Pros and cons

The Rorschach test is a well known for it's perosonality assessment. It is used to analyze the mind and find out their mental state. It...