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The assignment is on nocturnal animals, animals that are active more during the nighttime, rather than day. This power-point would provide information to elementary students while they are learning about different kinds of animals in their classes. The purpose of this assignment is to help motivate and develop students' understanding of nocturnal animals. This power-point provides information on the animals which includes a brief definition, description, and games. They can access this interactive power-point through library computers.

The students who will participate in this assignment are in a third grade reading class around the age of eight. They know different types of animals exist. The students have already learned about diurnal and nocturnal creatures. They will now take part in this interactive activity as an extra activity that goes along with their lesson. Any student that has trouble understanding the activity can go to the information section of the activity to learn what to do.

One of the main objectives of this power-point is for the students know what a nocturnal animal is and be able to define it with satisfactory. Second, students should be able to identify at least three nocturnal animals. A third objective, students can familiarize themselves with a different type of media.