Learning Microsoft Word for an 8th grade class.

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Microsoft Word 97

For Macintosh

8th Grade

Greenlight Middle School

Technology/Media Coordinator

Description of the participating students

Students in this eighth-grade class have some computer knowledge, but the school is located in a disadvantaged socio-economic area. The students need to be brought up to state averages in technology. This class was designed for this group of students.

Description of the availability of the selected technology

Mac Daddy Computers of Modesto donated 12 computers to this campus equipped with Office 97. Ten of the computers have been installed into this Learning Lab classroom. They are located throughout the room for optimum accessibility. This assignment requires a basic, standalone computer, a system capable of running Word 1997, with a hard disk and a floppy drive.

Thorough explanation of the activity

Primarily, this lesson plan is a traditional lesson plan that is used in many classrooms. The goal is to create an ongoing program that targets this student population, Some of the aspects of the plan may be quite innovative in the methods used for acquiring the resources for their classroom, including anchoring computer donations and grant writing.

The plan includes suggested activities and thorough step-by-step directions. As the student progresses through the course he/she will be guided through creating, editing, and formatting a variety of documents.

Working directly with the Word 1997/ Mac program itself, the student masters all necessary procedures and learns to use special features of Word such as the Toolbar, grammar and spelling checker, Wizards, bulleted paragraphs, mailing labels, envelopes, drag-and-drop, outlining, columns, styles and templates, and eventually creating documents.

The students will be separated into ten groups of 4. They will each be assigned a role within the group. The goal is to have each student connected to a new tool of technology. Students will be encouraged...