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Liability: torts Case No. 1: the product liability John DOE is 15 years old. He buys a pack of Coca-Cola in the next-door supermarket, Leader Price. He comes back home and starts a quarrel with his younger brother Jim. Jim is trying to steal a can of Coca-Cola from his brother. John is not dropping the cans and the two boys start wrestling. After the fight, Jim is thirsty and he opens a can. The can is exploding to his face and Jim is injured. He goes immediately to the hospital and stays there 3 months. Afterwards he is cured but he lost an eye. He is also obliged to stay in the same class for another year because he missed too many courses.

You are informed of that event, what is Jim probably going to do and what advice can you give to the firm? Case No. 2: the neighborhood conflict Your neighbor pretends that your tree is bothering him and comes to visit you to talk about it.

He wants you to chop off the roughs above his property. You want to ask a specialist first because you don't want to ruin your tree. Your neighbor gets immediately mad at you and leaves your house yelling in the street that you are a crook and that a friend of his told him that you have already swindled your previous neighbor, which happened to be an old lady.

What can you and your neighbor do? JMIMENEZ Jorge International Business Law Case No. 3: the sale contract You are reading your local newspaper and you see the following classified advert: "Sport car for sale: $ 5'000. Almost brand new". You go and visit the car, and tell the owner that you need some time to think about it.