Internationalism - Organisations and Ideals

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"Amnesty International is a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights." Amnesty particular concentrates on campaigning to free "prisoners of conscience", to give fair trials for political prisoners, end political killings and disappearances, abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruelty towards prisoners. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards are used in protecting the rights of humans.


Amnesty International receives negative feedback from people and groups who oppose Amnesty's campaigns. Amnesty distributes material about their movements and the findings to lots of countries around the world. To get their message to as many people as possible around the world Amnesty try to mass email people and have websites explaining about the situations occurring and what they plan to do about it. Conventions and talks are also very common in the aim to spread the word of the torture and cruelty happening overseas.

In some countries, generally the opposing countries, the information is banned.


Amnesty's results from their actions and campaigns are all to do with freeing people who have had their rights taken away from them. Amnesty work in helping political prisoners to get a fair trial and sentence. Amnesty protest and try to prevent forms of torture and cruelty placed on prisoners overseas. To try and stop this, Amnesty speaks to governments of numerous countries to ask for their help in taking steps towards the goal. Amnesty asks the governments to undertake independent investigations into any reports of unfair treatment and if people are found to be offenders then there should be a suitable and just punishment.

Amnesty International is also involved in children's rights, because they feel that children need special protection and care. It is an adults world and the children need...