Internationalization Process of Chinese Enterprises: Views from Multinational Operation of Chunlan Group

Essay by Sadrina February 2003

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Abstract: Chinese enterprises face difficult task of internationalization after China joins WTO.

Chunlan Group is at the front line in Multinational Operation. It adopts a series of characteristic global operation concepts such as localization of overseas operation, internationalization of human resource and expansion of kernel technology, etc, which established an internationalized Chunlan. Its success exerts great impact on the Internationalization Process of Chinese Enterprises. Key words: Chunlan, Multinational Operation, kernel technology

The predecessor of Chunlan Group is a refrigerator company of Taizhou, Jiangsu, joined by two small collective companies in Taizhou and one small state-owned company. After near 20 years' efforts, Chunlan has become a large multinational enterprise group and has its own brand products. It is a model of successful Multinational Operation in China. With the trend of expedite economic globalization, multinational operation has become the major mode of today's world economy. When China joins WTO, Chinese enterprises face a major task: How they can adapt to the economic globalization trend, try multinational operation and utilize all possible resources of the world economy to survive and develop on this competitive global market.

Chunlan Group is at the front line of Multinational Operation and has achieved good results. Studying Chunlan's multinational operation could enlighten and benefit other Chinese companies to succeed in the world economy. This article discusses internationalization process of Chinese enterprises based on the analysis of Chunlan case.