Interpreter of Maladies

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My Diary

Dear Diary,

My name is Garcia, 24 years old, live in San Francisco (California). I had an opportunity to work as a garbage man in San Francisco, which is better than nothing as I didn't have any other options. These past two years I've been a garbage man who wakes up every day at 4 a.m, and wears red plastic blazer and cleans/removing the garbage in the downtown area with my older friend Jason who is like a father to me. He always instructs and teaches me how to live my life as a garbage man, and to take care of the city from the trash/rubbish and build it nice and clean.

My father worked as a farmer and my mother didn't have any job, so she was sitting in the house and taking care of me and my sister. I completed my high school degree at Richard Warren high school but with low marks, so I was unable to go to any university because I didn't have enough money.

Every day I had a hope and dream that one day I could be a rich and get rid of this job because it's disgusting in the opinion of the people, as nobody now wants to be garbage man. But there are people who can't get any good jobs, so they have to work as garbage men and I am one of them. Whilst the garbage men in the U.S.A get well paid in comparison other countries, working as a garbage man is really hard and makes me tired as when I get my salary I send half of it to my mother and father as well as my sister who studies in the university. I wish her good luck because...