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Interview of a Campaign Worker

Throughout history, citizens have proved that through interest groups, particularly political parties, they can collectively influence the government, whereas individually, they are practically powerless. Early in life, most citizens are influenced (either by parents, teachers, mentors, etc.) to attach themselves to one of two main political parties, democratic or republican. For many people who vote, this is the deciding factor as to which they will vote for, having little or no knowledge of the candidate. People who favor an expanded role in the government dealing with economic issues and women's right to abortion, are more likely to vote democratic, while republicans want government to have little to do with economic issues and prefer having laws against the right to an abortion. For the others who participate in their right to vote, they follow the campaign of the candidates running for the election of a specific governmental position, where they decide whom will best fit the job.

In order to get a better view on what is involved in the campaign of a candidate, I interviewed a campaign worker for Jim McGreevey, who is currently running in the gubernatorial race for New Jersey.

I acquired a lot of information that I didn't really know existed in the process of campaigning. The staff includes two broad categories of workers. One is the paid staff member and the other is the volunteer. A campaign director heads the organization and coordinates all of the activities. Paid staff members are the officials that include a general manager, a research director, a finance director, and media director, who supervise advertising and publicity. Most candidates who are running for political offices visit a number of different communities to market themselves to potential voters. This is where the staff members organize and plan...