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Intimacy is often defined as arising from a close acquaintance, association, or familiarity. This definition would definitely describe the relationship I have with my sister, Catherine. We share just about everything that goes on in our lives and know each other like the back of our hands. We are so close, in fact, that rarely do we hear what another is feeling before we already know. We can tell each other's mood by the body language we are using. I plan to give a brief summary of this relationship and the intimacy involved in it.

There are many possible reasons why some people are attracted to each other and form relationships. Some of these reasons are personality, physical looks, intellectual stimulation, things in common, and differences. My sister and I developed our relationship differently than the way you would with someone who you just randomly meet on the street.

We shared common parents, household, schedules, and heritage. Therefore, we were naturally inclined to develop some sort of relationship and intimacy. If we hadn't, our living conditions would have become understandably tenuous.

The development of relationships and intimacy has some very definitive steps. The first step is initiating which is making contact with the other person and showing that you are the kind of person worth talking to. Our relationship was initiated as soon as I was brought into this world and facilitated by the fact that we were brother and sister. The next step is experimenting which is deciding whether we want to pursue a relationship further by using small talk and the like. Since I was unable to talk at the time, my sister and I dismissed this step. Next comes the step of intensifying when the expression of feelings become more common. This came quite naturally to...