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Internet has been the most popular and widely used tool for fetching information on the net. However, another information system is surging in popularity, especially among business organizations and large corporations. The information system is called the Intranet. What is an Intranet? What is not an Intranet? And what is its role in the information age? These questions will be answered thoroughly and explained in order to provide a detailed coverage of the functions of Intranet.

Initially, Intranet is a communication tool with functions similar to Internet. To get a better idea of what it is, imagine integrating all kinds of communications, such as corporate communications, group communications, and all individual communication, into a place that provides up-to-date, quality, instant information to anyone in the organization. Imagine a user knowing the source of information and company communicating with the producer of a product during any period of time.

The Intranet provides all the functions listed in the previous statements. Also, the Intranet provides an opportunity to define an organization and display it to everyone to see. Furthermore, Intranet is not a new product that has just been recently introduced in the market. However, it just has not been widely used until the past few years. People use Intranet everyday without knowing that they are using it. Intranet, therefore, is the client/server, PC, Unix, Apple and many other applications that one has been using on his/her work. Security on the Internet is just as hazardous as the Intranet. Any leakage of information through the transmission of data is possible. Most, the Intranet and the Internet shares a common purpose, that is, to provide efficiency for the user in accessing information and all the applications.

Comparing the Internet to the Intranet, Intranet lacks many...