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Define psychology. Discuss the history of psychology and the evolution of its modern perspectives.

Psychology is simply the study of mind and behavior, the scientific study of individuals behavior and mental process. During the study of psychology we learn what, how, when and why people and animals behave the way they do. Furthermore, it explains why you think and feel as you do. In this process the evidence is collected based on the scientific experiments, and observing humans and animals behavior. The studies may be done in natural environment or habitat as well as set conditions of a research laboratory. The purpose is to study how the individual adjusts to its environment. Psychology is considered an exceptional field, as the scientists have to work in a wide variety of environments and groups. Psychologists also work with other scientists because of their wide range of study, especially those that study brain process.

Since Psychologist's research supposed to explain behavior and mental process, the brain is responsible for all those functions. One of the first experimental psychologists, Hermann Ebbinghaus, brought up important questions about human nature, unfortunately was unable to answer them. Fortunately, Wilhelm Wundt was the founder of the first laboratory in 1879 to experimental psychology. He plays a big role in modern psychology, and shortly after, laboratories began popping up all over America. Today cognitive psychology seems to be leading approach in experimental psychology. It studies how mental process works and how knowledge is used. With technology improving, studies of brain functions are more accurate, thus neuropsychology is one of the most active areas in psychology.

Describe the major divisions of the nervous system and explain their major functions.

The nervous system is divided into two major divisions, the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The...