INTRODUCTION         This project will focus on a band called “Cold”.

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INTRODUCTION This project will focus on a band called "Cold". I'll also tell about the history and what Cold plans on doing in the future. Also there will be a comparison of two songs from this group (a depressing song and a love song) seeing how they are the same and how there are different p 2 Cold one of the great bands of the 90's at least that's my opinion! Past Cold actually started in the 80's as a grunge band from Seattle like Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Radiohead.

Their popularity rose when the got there contract deal in Jacksonville 1996 with BMG record label. Cold after a concert met up with Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst and he became their producer for all of the videos. Their first hit was go away, not to be confused with gone away, which is a song that they just recorded.

Go away was on there first song one there first.

From the start Cold has always been different. The music they listen to is not your average rock bands music, stuff like Sarah McLachlan and Black Sabbath. They tried to take all the negative energy from that music and focus it into there's. I guess the music they make is a little dark, but it's got some pretty songs.

p 3 Comparison The Cold songs I'm comparing are Bleed, which is the depressing song, and Gone Away which is the love song.

Bleed was the depressing song because it talks about how music lets him release the pain, like a suicidal person cuts their wrist. That's why I think this song is so depressing.

Gone Away is a love song because it talks about how he would kill to keep her close. Actually its kind of an obsessive song about how he wants her close but it sound pretty.

Both songs sound the same but the words are totally different. If you go to you can hear Gone Away which is the song that I think is the best out of the two, and get a feel for the music and see what its like. I forgot the lyrics for both songs are on the next page.