An Investigation Into The Effect Of Enzyme

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visit for free bogusmail.fake mail and book reviews and more! An Investigation Into The Effect Of Enzyme Concentration On The Rate Of Catalase Activity Equation: 2H2O 2 2H2O + O 2 Catalase is used to catalyse this reaction as hydrogen peroxide takes too long to decompose on its own. The source of catalase which I will be using will be from potato.

Hypothesis: I believe that as the concentration of enzyme is increased, the rate of catalase activity will also increase.

Scientific Knowledge: An enzyme is a biological catalyst which speeds up chemical reactions. Enzymes are specific and only break down certain molecules. This is why there are many different types of enzyme in the human body to do different jobs. For example, starch in the body is digested to sugar maltose, by an enzyme called amylase. The chemical which I will be using is hydrogen peroxide which is a volatile and dangerous substance.

Hydrogen peroxide is found inside the body. Catalase works in the cells of living organisms, and has a role of breaking down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, as quickly as possible. This is vital as hydrogen peroxide is harmful and a powerful oxidising agent, so catalase has a very important job of breaking it down quickly. This is the enzyme which I will be using, in the form of potato. Even though the catalyst speeds up the reaction, it does not alter it in any other way and is still retrievable at the end, although it may have changed state.

I base my hypothesis on the fact that with a higher concentration of catalase, there will be a greater number of enzymes which break down the hydrogen peroxide. If there is a higher concentration of catalase, more of the hydrogen peroxide molecules will make...