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This investor profile paper identifies and examines two of the key lenders that Coca-Cola utilizes and identifies the investment bank that they use to issue their stock and addresses the role these intermediaries play for Coca-Cola. This paper also examines which government entities regulate the securities that Coca-Cola issues and what role these entities play for investors.

Identify Two Lenders and Role Intermediaries Play for Coca-ColaCoca Cola is a major soft drink corporation that has used its assets to secure any debt used for every day business. According to Coca Cola In August 19, 2003, Cola filed an 8-K (7) filing with the SEC. This 8-K filing by Coca Cola proposed that they will be issuing or selling its Term Notes, from time to time. Seven major lenders were listed for the proposed distribution of Coca Cola and two of them were JP Morgan Chase and Co. and Bank of America Securities LLC.

The proposed agreement gave Coca Cola the right to sell Securities directly to the listed lenders or indirectly through other agents. The latest distribution by Coca Cola was from its credit card receivables to JP Morgan Chase and Co. for 3.2 billion. Coca Cola was reluctant to make the move but bowed to pressure from investors and was able to retain control of its credit card business that has been a major profit contributor in recent years.

Identify Investment Bank used to Issue Stock and Role Intermediaries Play for Coca-ColaThe New York Stock Exchange is the primary market for the Coca Cola Corporation common stock. According to Coca Cola on March 20, 2006 they reported that they had 18,166 stockholders. Interested investors can make their first purchase directly through Mellon Investor Services. Mellon Investor Services is the transfer agent for Coca Cola and the Direct Investment Program...