Irony And Symbolism

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Irony and Symbolism In three of the eight stories we have read and discussed there seems to be an abundance of similarities and differences in the forms of symbolism and irony. Hawthorne seems to be the most notable for the use of these literary characteristics with intense examples of each in The Birthmark, The Minister?s Black Veil and also one of his most renowned works The Scarlet Letter. The Birthmark was loaded with ironic situations and characters that were labeled with symbolism. In the era of the Great Awakening many were blinded by the misconception of an understanding for all things through science and reason. Aylmer had a serious case of this form of glaucoma, he thought what wasn?t perfect could become so with the use of technology.

It seemed as though Aylmer described as a slender, tall, pale intellectual was a reflection of the superior or malice attitude during this era do to great explanation through scientific discovery.

He was so arrogant and such a perfectionist he would sacrifice his beloved wife Georgiana for his crave for altering nature to conform to, what in his mind would be perfect. Georgiana symbolized beauty, honesty and kindness while exposing only one blemish in which all of us wear, humanity. Aminidab I feel was the good conscious of Hawthorne speaking against science and it?s ability to explain and control the intangibles of God and nature. Even though he was portrayed as inferior and described as hideous it was his internal understanding that muttered to himself, ?If she were my wife, I?d never part with that birthmark.?(363) The hand shaped birthmark was all that Aylmer felt kept her ?down to earth? and the removal of Georgiana?s only imperfection delivered her onto a place that someone with such inhumane qualities of perfection should reside.