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Intro In all of Washington Irving's short stories he has a negative view on women he is not a man whom has seen women in the best of ways. All of the women in his stories are some how miss treated. He shows this by giving them bad "appearances". He makes the women seem that they are always nagging and always annoying.

Rip van winkle In Rip Van winkle his wife is rude to him. She is always nagging about him helping others and not Her. He writes as if he is disgusted with all women when he writes his stories. In the book it shows that Rip does not care about his wife he is just happy he is alive. This viewpoint is shown in the quote "From even this stronghold the unlucky Rip was at length routed by his termagant wife". He shows a hate towards his wife in Rip van Winkle.

His wife dies and he just goes on as happy as ever because he dint need his wife and she really never liked him at all Devil and tom walker In Devil and Tom Walker it is also apparent that he despises women. He writes that Tom and his wife never talk much and they hate each other. They also fight. One day during his walk home he meets the devil and the devil makes an offer to him Later Tom gets home and since he saw the devil he thinks its so important That he tells his wife" but the more she talked the more resolute was Tom not to be damned to please her." His wife likes the offer so she goes to meet with the devil and never comes back. Tom really does not care about his wife but she took offerings to the devil so he wants to get it back. He goes to the site and finds that his wife even nagged and put up a fight with the devil by seeing her scratch marks on a tree he cannot find her anywhere so he thinks oh well I might as well get my things back. He can only find his wife's apron and her heart and liver. So it also shows that he despises women in this story.

Specter bridegroom In Specter Bride Groom Washington Irving shows his dislike for women by showing that the women are always weak and that other people have to do every thing for them. It shows that she is not capable of doing things by herself. She cannot pick her own husband. The baron and her aunts have to approve everything she does "Her aunts, too, having been great flirts and coquettes in their younger days, were admirably calculated to be vigilant guardians and strict censors of the conduct of their niece" .The baron is set on tradition but the lady just want to get married. She always gets pushed around.

I find that all of these topics prove my initial thesis. I find that the way that Irving writes is down grading women. All of the stories I have read show some form of dislike towards women. I find my thesis to be right from certain perspectives. So I believe to the utmost that my thesis is correct.