"Islamic views of the United States"

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Alexander LiuCollege Writing 1002/19/07Islamic views of the United StatesMany countries do not like American people because they feel that Americans are too superficial, and some fundamentalist factions hate American freedom. Americans believe that they are unique and that there is no better life anywhere else, this is called exceptionalism and universalism. Dinesh D'souza, the author of this article, believes that Americans need to have a cause in order to have faith in themselves and succeed. D'souza is of the opinion that this will help America fight terrorism.

A majority of terrorists today are Muslims who hate Americans; because they believe America has low principles. For example, many television shows are not moral at all, such as Jerry Springer; his jokes are cruel and make fun of everybody. The United States and Islamic countries have a hard time getting along basically because there is a historic difference. The western culture has divided church and state while the Islamic government and religion is not separate, which means that the people in power could use the name of god to do harmful actions.

D'souza is of the opinion that the church and state should be divided so that people in power will not do it in god's name, such as the Taliban, a radical Islamic terrorist organization. Islamic countries are not as modern as the western countries because they have not experienced the same history such as the Industrial Revolution. There are two different points of view of why Islam is declining. First as a world power, Islam is behind in modernity, scientific technology and democracy. Secondly, fundamentalists believe that many Muslims are sinning and are not following the Koran anymore, and part of the solution is to erase western influences.

Fundamentalists also object to America liberty because American influences them through...