The issues, events and actions which 'pulled' the British Crown into New Zealand 1830 - 1840.

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(b) Describe issues, events and actions that 'pulled' the

British Crown into New Zealand 1830 - 1840. Evaluate the

motives of Maori and Pakeha in signing of the treaty of Waitangi in


The British granted New Zealand independence in 1935 but by 1940 it had become obvious that Britain needed to take control of New Zealand, this greater form of control was to come in the treaty of Waitangi in 1840. The motives behind the signing of the treaty vary greatly from Maori and Pakeha.

Britain held very little control in New Zealand. Captain William Hobson noticed this when he was sent to investigate the situation on behalf of Governor Bourke of New South Wales. He reported back saying that both Maori and the ever increasing settlements of law abiding British were under threat from lawlessness. This lawlessness refered to drunken sailors and the like apon from whom which British had a gained reputation no where more then at Korakea which became known as the hell hole of the South Pacific.

There was also a much more sinister problem which the britsh had to deal with that was the use of Britsh ships in a mercenaries fashion apon which warriors could be transported. The Elizabethan Affair was a prime example of this. It occurred when Captain Stewart sailing the Elizabeth gave Te Rauparaha (a northern chief) and his men safe passage to Akaroa so that they could lay a trap for unsuspecting Ngai Puhi. In return for a payment in flax. New Zealand had no effective force for dealing with these sorts of incidents. People had to be sent from New South Wales and by the time they arrived deed was done and the culprits had absconded as had happened with the elizerbeth affair Captain Stewart was long gone...