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The Koala

ributed along the eastern coastal semi-tropicalforests of Australia, ranging from north Queensland, New South Wales,Victoria, and a small area in the south of Australia.Breeding ... ; Johnston, Bernard, e.i.c. Collier's Encyclopædia, 1992 ed., 3:253, 14:129. (New York: Macmillan Educational Company)Encyclopædia Americana, 1996 ed., 16:526, 18:371. ...

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paid according to the area and position of any land that you own. They would thenbe governed by the New South Wales Government, which would look after such things as roads,and the police force. Finall ... Territory.There are six states, and two major territories in Australia. The states are: Queensland, New SouthWales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. The two territories are t ...

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How people effect Pip and are effected by himre, in Great Expectations by Dickens

n young Pip supplied him with food and a file after he attempted to escape. He worked many years in New South Wales, Australia, to build a fortune to give to Pip. Underneath his outward frightening ap ... o read and write and loved Pip. For Pip to turn his back on these early friends just because of his new position in society was wrong.Among Pip's favorable actions is the donation of money to Herbert' ...

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Does Diversion work in Juvenile Justice, or is just another exercise in net-widening?

of diversionary scheme in operation. One of these, the Young Offenders Act 1997 implemented by the New South Wales Government in April 1998, sets out a hierarchy of four options designed to lower the ... t in place is a juvenile justice system that is larger, that has expanded its coercive control into new arenas of youthful behaviour, and is drawing in evermore young people who previously would have ...

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The issues, events and actions which 'pulled' the British Crown into New Zealand 1830 - 1840.

(b) Describe issues, events and actions that 'pulled' theBritish Crown into New Zealand 1830 - 1840. Evaluate themotives of Maori and Pakeha in signing of the treaty of Waitang ... uate themotives of Maori and Pakeha in signing of the treaty of Waitangi in1840.The British granted New Zealand independence in 1935 but by 1940 it had become obvious that Britain needed to take contr ... nd the signing of the treaty vary greatly from Maori and Pakeha.Britain held very little control in New Zealand. Captain William Hobson noticed this when he was sent to investigate the situation on be ...

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This is about australias involvement in the first world war. specifically the battle of beersheeba.

details about the charge of Beersheeba. The charging force comprised of the 4th Victorian and 12th New South Wales Light Horse Regiments. They formed the 4th Light Horse Brigade under Brigadier Gener ...

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Why by the 1830's, was the continuation of convict transportation to the Australian colonies under increasing scrutiny, and what arguments and interests were at stake in this debate?

nvict Transpotation'. This would see over 115,000 convicts being transported to the two colonies of New South Wales and Van Diemans Land, in an effort to relieve a domestic surge in convict numbers fo ... lian Day'). This settlement consisted fundamentally of the two penal colonies, which were set up in New South Wales and Van Dieman's Land (modern day Tasmania). The number of free settlers was at an a ...

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Johnny Hart's Heroes Report

7th MarchPg. 39-40Barramah Downs, Barramah - North-East New South Wales.Weather: hot and cloudy.This trip so far has definitely been characted building. Joh ... nt. Now that she told me her husband passed away I feel as if I know her a bit better.Tomorrow is a new day for all of us. Things will definitely happen, and hopefully my Banjo Patterson fan, dad, wil ... houses, and a small public school. Michael Disney joined the kinds and said that the district all knew about the drovers in the dodge, us!Those little kids were so annoying! The questions never stopp ...

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Australian dairy industry analysis. Includes the effect of deregulation of the industry

gions across Australia. These include south-east Queensland, Western Australia and eastern parts of New South Wales. 'Victoria produces 60% of Australia's gross dairy production' (Cameron, 1974, 244). ... f years a significant number of amalgamations within the industry and this has driven efficiency to new levels, including the investment of large sums of money into new plant, equipment and methods. T ...

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The Clash of Rights -My newspaper article based on the early days of the aborginal freedom ride group

statement regarding the confrontation between the Freedom Ride group, and the locals in the western New South Wales town of Walgett."At round about midnight, there was a confrontation between the loca ...

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'An Information Report On The Moreton Bay Fig' by Sakshi Kaushik

The Moreton Bay Fig is a tree that is found in Queensland and New South Wales. It grows in gardens and naturally in rainforests. The tree prefers warm weather, it ...

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Gold rush, History of Australia during the 19th century.

2001, Australian celebrate the 150th anniversary of the official discovery of gold near bathrust in New south Wales. On 12 February 1851 , Edward Hargrave's found five grains of gold in mud washed fro ... as caught up in 'gold' fever'. Men left their jobs, homes and families to rush to the goldfields in New South Wales and Victoria. The fever spread to Queensland, and then finally to all the colonies o ...

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The Abolishment Of Capital Punishment In Australia

unishment is punishment of a crime by death. The death penalty was abolished in Queensland in 1922, New South Wales in 1955, Tasmania in 1968, Victoria in 1975, South Australia in 1976 and Western Aus ...

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Select a community support network in your area and discuss what services it provides for the community, how accessible it is, and who accesses it. Uniting Care Burnside

Government surplus from this was re-issued to Burnside. It was obvious that the far west region of New South Wales was in need of a youth and family network of this demeanour, hence the highly develo ...

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Landmark Event: Freedom Rides

o focus on is the Freedom Rides of the late 60's.The Freedom Rides against racial discrimination in New South Wales country towns held during the 1965 was a landmark event in Aboriginal political acti ... heir participants at the time are interesting from a social and political perspective. By analyzing newspaper articles written around the time that this event occurred one can gain some understanding ...

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The Federating of Australia

Australia became a nation when the six self-governing colonies, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, united on the 1st of J ... here Governments could discuss matters that affected every colony. In 1846, Governor Fitzroy sent a New South Wales proposal for a federal scheme to the British authorities. The British Colonial Secre ... van Duffy appointed a Royal commission to look into Federation.By 1880, Henry Parkes was premier of New South Wales and at another intercolonial conference, he again proposed a Federal Council. Later ...

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Trade untions in australia

prise bargaining. Recent trends in wage determination and some of the impacts are also discussed.In New South Wales, employers and employees can be covered by either the federal or state industrial re ... ety net of the enterprise bargaining system.In conclusion, enterprise bargaining is not an entirely new phenomenon in Australian workplaces. Though, recent trends illustrate it has been preferred as a ...

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Benefits and costs of franchising

STORYFranchising is at least 150 years old. One of the earliest examples of franchising occurred in New South Wales, with franchising agreements between hotels and breweries. First American example wa ... rule. As an example, the Sport Clips Franchise organization only opens company owned stores to test new marketing concepts or ideas. As a result, Sport Clips owns very few of the over 200 franchisee o ...

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Virtual Communities

e world. Virtual Communities is necessary to develop in tourism. In here, I will create "Tourism of New South Wales" website to show the designing a virtual community. It is because New South Wales be ... ew South Wales become one of popular place to travel around the world.Tourism NSW is responsible of New South Wales as communication within Australia and overseas. The organization also provides virtu ...

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Aboriginal History: Reconciliation.

s.3. Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths.In 1883, the Aborigines Protection Board was set up in New South Wales. It's purpose was to 'smooth the pillow of the dying race' and thus hasten the extin ...

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