How people effect Pip and are effected by himre, in Great Expectations by Dickens

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The following people effect Pip and are effected by him. Each has distinct personal characteristics and qualities.

Mrs. Joe, Pip's sister, is about twenty when Pip is born. She is Pip's only known relative that is alive and has brought him up by hand. She is portrayed as a strict mean person to Pip and Joe Gargery throughout her presence in the novel, by using the 'tickler,' a cane for beating him when bad.

Joe Gargery, Pip's brother-in-law and foster father, is the most good-hearted of all Dickens' characters in this book. He submits to Mrs. Joe's rampages because he would rather have her rage fall on him than on Pip. Joe is a hard worker, has many moral values, and is a very loyal friend.

Able Magwich, a convict and Pip's benefactor, was extremely thankful when young Pip supplied him with food and a file after he attempted to escape.

He worked many years in New South Wales, Australia, to build a fortune to give to Pip. Underneath his outward frightening appearance, 'a fearful man, all in coarse gray, with a great iron on his leg.' Magwich is a sensitive and charitable man.

John Wemmick, one of the books openly good people, lives two lives. The 'London Wemmick' has a mouth like a 'post box,' and follows the business procedures learned from Mr. Jaggers. The 'Walworth Wemmick' is calm, good-natured, and kind. He is entirely faithful to his father, the 'Aged Parent.' He is the man who hands out Pip's allowance when he is young, under the orders of Jaggers. Also he is one of Pip's friends helping him in time of need with his 'Walworth Statements,' of advice.

Mr. Jaggers, probably one of the most intelligent men throughout the book, is hired by Magwich to hand out...