The Issues of Good and Evil in The Crucible.

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In The Crucible, by Author Miller, the Salem witch trials are used as an example to expose the harsh truth of the evil and selfishness people hold in their hearts. Although these acts make us look at each other in a different light, the courage and integrity to think outside the box shines through to give hope and warm feelings to the world. The characters help give emphasis to the bravery, revenge, sin, and hypocrisy all of us feel one time or another. Though the negative in this world can not be avoided, people such as John and Elizabeth Proctor give enough hope to the rest of us that all is not lost. Let their example of good and evil be a role model for the entire world.

In Act One of The Crucible, the trait of hypocrisy is shown in many of the characters. With Abigail's lips quivering, she states, "I would never hurt Betty.

I love her dearly." It is hard to believe this when at every turn throughout this play, she protects herself against all accusations, never thinking of anyone but herself. In this same manner, she treats everyone else in the town, as though the entire world were against her. With a cold heart which never seems to beat, Abigail says, "It's a bitter woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman." Abigail speaks of Elizabeth Proctor, denying all her sins, and putting revenge on the woman that loves her husband so. Abigail's love for John Proctor pushes her to do all in her power to ruin not only Elizabeth's life, but John's as well if she can't have him. Pointing fingers and babbling, Abigail yells, "I saw Goody Booth and Goody Sibber with the Devil!" Throughout the...