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The American Character

Ben Johnson

Defining the American Character

The American character can be defined by a significant person in American history that has made a significant contribution to the country. A significant American character can be demonstrated by a variety of different types of figures in history. An American president that can successfully work towards goals to change society is a well-demonstrated example of an American character. A president that can work towards his goals despite what others are pushing him to do and stick to his promises for the "greater good" of the nation would be considered a significant American figure.

Throughout history many people have accomplished many different goals that helped them become a significant American figure. One example of an accomplishment could be a president that expanded the nation to acquire many of the territories that are part of the United States today. This changes the nation and makes it the size that it is today, acquiring the lands, people and cities and other important aspects of the land.

Despite difficulties and setbacks, an American figure should stick to their promises and goals to acquire the territories they promised to, when there are reasonable means of achieving these goals.

An American character can also be demonstrated by a political figure that is an unknown candidate of an election and still gets elected president. This feat requires vigorous campaigning and unyielding determination to over come a well-known and heavily favored opponent. A political figure that is able to win this type of election and overcome his opponents by getting through to American people to be a true American character.

A significant American figure must have the ability to lead people to a cause and motivate the nation behind their cause. This figure must be able to accomplish...