James Madison

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James Madison

James Madison, "Father of the Constitution"

James Madison (Jr.) was born March 16, 1751, in Port Conway, Virginia [1]. Madison, the oldest of 12 children, was always a sickly child during his youth, and suffered all his life from physical ailments [2].Yet, although it may seem that such disabilities keep a person from living a long and fulfilling life; However, Madison's was the complete opposite, as he alone is one of the most influential players of the constitutional convention, and a man who will shape America for ever. Due to his brilliant political thinking, and his powerful form of leadership, Madison was bestowed the title of being "Father of the Constitution."

Madison at the Constitutional Convention

In May of 1787, appointed delegates from all the known states except Rhode Island (55 in total) gathered at the State House in Philadelphia in the same room at which the declaration of independence was signed just eleven years earlier.

It was here where Madison's most recognized idea was pushed to light. The "Virginia Plan" was set forth by Madison to appeal to the conflict of representation in Congress. Madison's Virginia Plan proposed a bicameral, or two house, legislature, with membership based on each states population. The voters would elect members of the lower house, who would then elect members of the upper house [3]. Both houses would vote upon the president and the Supreme Court judges. However, the Virginia Plan was challenged by William Patterson's New Jersey Plan. However, after all the debating, both were toppled by Roger Sherman's idea of a "Great Compromise." Yet, although the Virginia Plan was not accepted by the delegates, its concept was the basis for Sherman's Great Compromise [4].

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