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Seidel Family Dakota Seidel period 1

Dedication page This book is dedicated to the Seidel family listed below. Mom - Christina Seidel Dad - Benjamin Seidel Brother - Aaron Seidel

Why is tradition important? I believe traditions are important because they make a family unique, proud, and it brings them closer because of them. Scientific studies have shown children without family for example foster children have a lower self esteem and well being. A lot of people especially teenagers do not believe there family has traditions, but truthfully there family has many unique traditions. For example the way your family prepares food and speaks are two examples of tradition every family has. Tradition allows families to enjoy and share things together that no other type of relationship could fulfill. Traditions are usually passed down from generations which in turn passes your ancestors legacies.

Poem Traditions are like chemistry, My grandmother makes the best tapestries. There is no such thing as an ordinary family, Always something extraordinary. They are passed down for generations never will there be the same creation

Family Stories My favorite family story is one that includes bravery and honor. It's about how my relatives came to America. In 1937 in Germany my Great Grandfather's family was falling victim to the increasing Anti-semitism. He worked as a cargo manager on a port in germany. He knew it would on get worse for jews in Germany so he left when he had the chance. He snuck him and his family on board a cargo ship headed to America. From there he moved to pittsburgh where he started a family business that is still owned and operated by the Seidels today. My other favorite story is something happened to my family. We were at a pirate baseball game when...