Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights Emily and Charlotte Bronte

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In both of the novels Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, both of the characters Jane Eyre and Heathcliff deals with the struggle of finding love and gaining acceptance.

In Jane Eyre, Jane struggles throughout her entire life. Jane's parents past away when she was a young girl and she was left with her aunt. When living with her aunt she was treated unfairly and didn't get the opportunity to do much with her life. In Wuthering Heights, Mr.Earnshaw, Hindley's father always treated Heathcliff better then he treated Hindley, which made Hindley jealous, and when his father had died he took over his estate and sent Heathcliff away and made him work in the fields. In both novels each character had to fight hatred and jealousy.

In Jane Eyre, Jane grew up struggling and was treated horribly terrible by her aunt which took custody of Jane when her parents had past away.

Jane was treated like a piece of trash, for example the time when Jane got into a fight with John Reed and John told his mother that Jane had hurt him so she would throw Jane into the red room where she would get locked up for long periods of time. Jane's uncle had died down there so every now and then she would see the spirits of her uncle. Jane would not have anyone to play with and was always left out. She did not like the way she was treated and that she would be able to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors and meet some friends. But her life was no fairy tale, it was miserable and painful. Later in Jane's life she was sent to school where she attended Lowood elementary school, a school where its supplies where mainly...