Jean Paul Sartre.

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Jean Paul Sartre was someone who had a massive influence on people, yet he did not seem to have the credentials to support it. It seems that he was in the right place at the right time, and this gave him the momentum, which he needed to keep his place in society with massive influence. Sartre's most successful part of life was his middle ages, and even then, he wrote quantity without quality, making large sums of money from it somehow, and not caring either way. Even with this against him, he managed to be a pivotal character in the creation of existentialism, a term supposedly made up by the media, and later adopted by Sartre.

Sartre is a very short man at only five feet two inches. His mother told him as a child that he was beautiful, but because of being beat up he realized that he was very ugly during his school days.

One of his eyes does not work properly and this only doubles his ugliness. He is forced to wear thick glasses and during his later years he becomes almost completely blind.

Sartre grew up as an only child and a spoiled on at that. His father died when he was fifteen months old and Sartre had no regrets. He seemed almost glad at the fact. He is spoiled by his mother all his life, who never had the heart to discipline Sartre for things that he did wrong. When Sartre needed money as a child, he took it from his mother's purse. He has no sense of the world around him, only himself, and some say that he grew up in a bubble; perhaps he even lived his whole life that way.

Sartre started to become a public figure during WWII after he is...