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Jeffrey Dahmer : Biologically Determined Killer Serial killers are an intriguing phenomenon. When one is discovered, investigated, and exposed the hype and coverage is similar to that of a heavyweight fight. It creates panic, fear and most of all sparks a deviant form of fascination and excitement. The Serial Killer is elevated to a popular culture icon, to the level of a movie star or pro athlete. It is a way for the disturbed, evil and most of all common person to gain instant and widespread notoriety forever. To make a loaner or outcast or liar a celebrity. The serial killer gains more fame in discovery than if they were to live the normal course of their life ten times over.

But at what price do we get our inappropriate intrigue fix? The exploitation of the dead, the accused and their families. Then a little bit of reality tends to sink in.

The details of the acts committed surface, the pain felt by the families is splashed across the t.v. news. The communities attempt to deal, understand and move on. Towns, families, communities forever stigmatised as were ?he? or ?they? were from, or as being were ?that? happened. Then the focus is on ?why??. This is were the truly disturbing surfaces. How all to often no one suspected anything, no one suspected he was capable of such horrors, how people didn?t notice warning signs, how close the police were that one time years earlier that would have foiled his plans.

The only thing that outweighs the horror of our illicit fascinations, the killing itself or the pain is that we have no system or formula to detect who is, or will be, a serial killer.

This paper will examine a case that encompasses the aspects mentioned above, the case of...