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on feministcriticism, Madonna is truly the ultimate television heroine.A discussion on contemporary popular culture and especiallyon media culture could never be complete without bringing upMadonna. S ...

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Reviving Olphelia by Mary Pipher

ia, was an attempt to describe the struggle our adolescent girls endure trying to make sense of our popular culture. Our group decided to turn our presentation into a talk show featuring some of the g ... parents and adolescent girls is are under as a result of a misogynistic culture, the effects of the popular culture on the girls' perception of selves, and the dangers of ignoring these implications.P ...

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Westerns and social commentary

raction is strikingly prominent in the filmhistory of the west. Yet, despite it's early and lasting popularity, the Western has notuntil recent years attracted the attention of interpretive critics. M ... (Cook 64) ."However, since the late 1960's Westerns have been recognized, "similar to other forms ofpopular culture, as a useful barometer of shifting currents in American society andculture (Etulain ...

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Chicago, A City of the Senses

the years, due to its cultural and economical prosperity. The crowded streets, ethnic bakeries, and popular malls add zest and flavor to this enriching city. Since my short visit in May with a high sc ... , casual delicatessens on the street and conversed about cosmopolitan attitudes and modern ideas in popular culture. In another area of the city, men ate lunch at The Berghoff and seemed separated fro ...

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The Effects of Stress, Alcohol Outcome Expectancies, Gender, Coping Styles, and Family Alcoholism on Alcohol Consumption

AbstractOne large component of American popular culture today is alcohol. A common stereotype for the effects of alcohol is that as a drug i ...

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A review of Richard Brookhiser's article "All Junk, All the Time" criticizing the boyband phenomenon.

ever change because as he states "it is so easy to do well enough" (Brookhiser 607). He claims that popular culture rock music, or pop, is inferior to the musical stylings of classical, jazz, and show ... nd how they appeal to the public. Maybe the public doesn't always know good music when they hear it.Popular culture rock music is inferior. From the record moguls who make the music to the masses of p ...

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Film/Video testimony of the Holocaust. includes an excerpt from ""Night" by Ellie Wiesel.

Holocaust, are perceived aberrations or anomalies from the cultural norm. Whether reason's include popular culture's morbid curiosity, a film director's desire for a contrived image, or a writer's ne ... ort it loses credibility in historians (as well as viewers) as unconstructed evidence.' (Young 164) Popular culture tends to distrust visual video testimony buried heavily in pathos and so dependent o ...

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Popular Culture - displayed by the film; james bond - The World Is Not Enough

e World Is Not EnoughCreater of James Bond: Ian FlemingAuthor: Raymond BensonDirector: Michael AptedPopular culture is the culture which is adopted and appeals to large masses of people, normally the ... the middle class citizens. Culture consists of the customs and civilizations of a particular group. Popular culture is produced by a small group of people, some of which include movie stars."Nowadays, ...

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Media Trends applied to Mad Magazine

ication that was founded in the 1960's by William M. Gaines. The magazine satirizes everything from popular television and entertainment, to important political issues and government leaders. Despite ... as at its peak, a time when rebelling against 'the system' and not 'selling out' were the ideals of popular culture. The fact that the magazine held within its covers no advertisements catered to the ...

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Image of Women in Advertisement

al and lasting influences in your life? Are you immune from the manipulation of the advertisers? As popular culture has become an indicator of everyone's concern in today's life, it is obvious that ev ...

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Comparison of Star Wars & The Matrix in relation to the Hero's Quest

wo hit films, both of which have been huge commercial successes that readily assume their places in popular culture. The Matrix and Star Wars both resonate with audiences for specific reasons, in ways ...

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My essay examines the importance western society has placed on beauty and the ever changing ideals imposed upon women.

ey choose to pander to it or not. This essay examines female beauty in the 20th century in terms of popular culture, in particular fashion, cinema and advertising. before exploring these areas, I inte ... red fabrics. However, corsets were still worn, and the fashion for long, narrow skirts prompted the popularity of the "hobble garter", a device worn around the calves to stop women from taking long st ...

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David Leavitt, Changing Faces-Madonna Question: how has the image of Madonna changed to keep up with that of the country?

is one such way. Through the changing images of Madonna one can see the fashion changes in American popular culture throughout the last twenty years.America is a capitalist society based on big corpor ...

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How and Why Did American Popular Culture Influence Australian Society in the 1950s and 1960s? To What Extent Did Australia Develop its Own Response to these Influences?

1960s were times of unprecedented change, and Australian society was influenced greatly by American popular culture, through various mediums, such as: music, film, television and fashion. This especia ... especially affected teenagers. It will be explained how Australian society was impacted by American popular culture, and also why American popular culture had such an affect. Australian developed its ...

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Sports in America

impact on someone's life and that could be seen in the future. Sports is great example of American popular culture because it introduces recreation with families, bonds the community, and have athlet ... their city and eventually large crowds form again. Another way large crowds are attracted is by the popularity of a very popular and talented athlete.The popularity of a talented athlete in American s ...

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Description of how conformity affected the 1950's American lifestyle.

l family depicted on TV shows such as Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best. Deviating from this popular culture was the "Beat Generation."The post-war economic boom of the 1950's in the U.S. resul ... such as television viewing and movie-going. These leisurely pastimes produced a conforming American popular culture. We define conformity as behavior in accordance with the expectations of a social gr ...

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Modern Media's Influence on Youth Violence.

Graphic and brutal violence has invaded every aspect of popular culture and is one of the most predominant causes of violence on our society. Although not e ... r audiences.The first and strongest aspect of media's influence on a violent society is the growing popularity of graphic violence in movies and television. While some think brutal and explicit violen ... letely controversial. Whereas now in 2002, it seems violence and murder in rap music is glamorized. Popular white rapper Marshall Mathers a.k.a Eminem wrote a song about the murder of his wife, the ma ...

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Into the mind of a serial killer.

find something playing starring a serial killer. Today, killings seem to be a very common theme in popular culture. However, with these industries churning out item after item centered around serial ... y another human being.Dolarhyde's hunger was also fed through seeing things burn. After capturing a popular reporter who was writing lies about him in a magazine, he forced the reporter to apologize o ...

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History on Monogamy/

ath we take towards our relationships. For centuries the practice of monogamy has been ingrained in popular culture.The rate of divorce is continually going up at rates that are alarming. Just about a ...

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A Transformation from Jane Austens "Emma" to Amy Heckerling's "Clueless"

The 1993 film hit Clueless, written and directed by Amy Heckerling, exemplifies how popular culture reappropriates Austens novel Emma into our own era by exploiting the contemporary me ... ier to alter than birth and thus, movement between classes is also easier ( as proved by Tai, whose popularity rises beyond Cher's). This makes marriage a far less important aspect of living, reflecte ... that she decides she needs to change. Her moral reformation was only brought about by failure and unpopularity, by her realisation that she can't talk her way out of everything and therefore, by her l ...

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