Jeffry Dahmer "heart Of Darkness". A look into the makings of a killer as exemplified by Jeffry Dahmer

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Sitting in the room you are currently in, there may be the makings of a killer. The teenage shell formulating a killing mind. There is little difference between the mind of a killer and that of an ordinary child growing up. They all have the same thoughts, the same feelings, and the same needs. Even as they grow into adulthood, there is a subtle difference anyone can crossover in either direction at any time. One click of the switch and a new serial killer is born. The evil thoughts residing in the subconscious can surface with morbid consequences. This is where the true "heart of darkness" resides, in the intertwined gray matter of the brain. A killer is not born of screaming mothers and frantic nurses administering painkillers inside a hospital room, yet in the mind where a crossed signal from a traumatic occurrence can down-spiral into an orgy of killing all to subside an insatiable craving.

Chemical balances can also attribute to these cravings, but it is often the result of a traumatizing experience.

Out of an immeasurable number of dark hearted figures there are to choose from Jeffrey Dahmer strikes a cord that none of the others struck. There are your impermeable political heads such as Hitler, Nero, and Osama Bin Ladin who never actually got involved in their "dirty deeds" but rather ordered them done. These men were brain washers who had a God complex and believed they should rule the world. These men are not evil but only fulfilling what they feel to be righteous and for the better benefit of their segment of society. Men like Dahmer rank highest on "my scale of malevolence" due to the heinous acts committed upon his victims. A man that can selectively single out a person for the sole...