Jesus and the Anorexic Suicidal Supermodels

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Jesus and the Anorexic Suicidal Supermodels

The family unit is one of the most cherished

institutions of American society. Its function is one of

philanthropy, to raise America's children in accordance

with our accepted norms and various proscriptions and


However, rising teenage pregnancy and juvenile crime

seem to indicate that the American family is not doing

this. Many Americans insist that a family is capable of

producing a productive citizen in every instance and

believe that only a traditional family can do this.

So the conclusion one might draw baring in mind this

paradigm is that the traditional one mom and one dad

family needs help as a function. Any Pat Robertson-

fearing Republican will tell you that Judeo-Christian

ethics are the foundation upon which the family is based,

therefore to help the family why not foster these

religious ideals? (And while we're at it, why not make a

contribution to the two billion dollar tax-free Christian

Broadcasting Network?)

The manifest function here of religion is to provide

people with a unifying belief that will scare kids into

behaving so they do not go to Hell.

The latent function

is that it is a slap in the face to every Easterner who

has conducted themselves in a productive and positive

manner. Many of the Christian right I am sure do not

realize how offensive the notion is that Christianity is

the only faith to recognize that killing and stealing are


What exactly are the 'norms' that are so exclusive to

Christianity? The Christian world is more afflicted with

crime than Singapore ever will be, just take a walk

through the super Catholic ghettos of Buenos Aires.

I personally believe that the break from moral

traditions does not exist. The vast majority of American

youth hold murder...