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Jesus's Miracles Jesus, throughout the course of his life, performed many miracles. His miracles included raising the dead, changing water to wine, feeding thousands of people with very little food, demon exorcisms, and healing the sick and deformed. The most important miracle, by far, was his own resurrection (Saliba). Jesus's miracles were not for entertainment or self gain. They served the purpose of backing up his claim as the Son of God. They were also used to respond to real need (Jesus'). In Luke 23:8, 9 , during Jesus's trials, Herod was glad to see Jesus. "When Herod saw Jesus he was greatly pleased...he hoped to see him perform some miracle. He plied him with many questions but Jesus gave him now answer." (Holy Bible). Herod does not need anything, being that he is the King. Jesus's miracles were to back his claim as Son of God. A good place to start would be to define what a miracle is.

Microsoft Encart defines a miracle as "an even, apparently transcending human powers and the laws of nature, that is attributed to a special divine intervention or to supernatural forces." Jesus's miracles were witnessed by to many people not to have happened. Science has attempted to explain almost all of Jesus's miracles. They have been able to explain parts of some of the miracles, but have never been able to totally explain the entire event. In Mark 8:22-25 Jesus heals a blind man. He touches the man's eyes the first time and the man states that he cannot tell a man from a tree.

Jesus again touches the man's eyes and his sight is full restored. If the man had lost his sight due to a traumatic shock as a child, and supposing Jesus was a "therapy" healer, his...