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James Douglas Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida December 8, 1943 to Clara and Steve Morrison. Clara was a stay-at-home mother and daughter of a lawyer. Steve was an officer in the U.S. Navy. Jim had two younger siblings: a brother, Andy, and a sister, Anne. Anne was the youngest of the three. Jim began his interest in reading at an early age. Even though being a very intelligent child, Jim showed his lack of respect toward any authority figure. From his childhood to his death, Jim Morrison abhorred being told to do anything by anyone.

Because of the position Jim's father had in the military, the family was required

to move often due to transfer orders. Jim was given the middle name Douglas after Douglas MacArthur, a general during World War II, and it was assumed that Jim would follow in the family's military tradition. The traveling done by the Morrison family brought many different experiences and situations.

For instance, while driving on a highway from Santa Fe with his family, he said he experienced, "the most important moment of my life" (Russel 6). The Morrisons came upon an overturned truck of dying Pueblo Indians. This moment influenced Jim and later became the basis of many of his songs, poetry, stories, and thoughts. The family moved from Pensacola, Florida to Washington D.C., where they lived six months. From Washington D.C., The Morrison family relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico where Jim witness the moment that changed his life. With the family constantly moving, Jim was never really given the chance to grow up and live like a "normal" child. After Albuquerque came Alexandria, Virginia. While in Virginia, Jim continued to clown and heckle in and out of class. Now in high school, Jim had an especially hard time, "The only...