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JIMI HENDRIX Jimi Hendrix is perhaps the most innovative electric guitarist of all time. His work consists of combining blues, hard rock, modern jazz, and soul into his own unmistakable sound.

The man who would achieve fame under the name Jimi Hendrix was born as Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 25, 1942. He was born in Seattle, Washington with his father was an enlisted army soldier and his mother was a teenager still in school. Jimi's father did most of the raising of young Jimi, and his younger brother Leon, with help from their grandparents, and other various family friends. Besides being a wonderful father to Jimi he was also a very gifted jazz dancer. Jimi's mother was a very bad influence on her kids. She often went to bars, and got heavily drunk. When she shows up early the next morning she is often too intoxicated to remember her kids.

Most of the time Jimi's mother wouldn't even come home at all. For this reason when Jimi's parents divorced Al Hendrix won custody of his two little kids.

Early on in Jimi Hendrix's life he wanted an electric guitar. Before he got his first instrument he plucked a number of surrogates, including a broom and a one-string ukulele. Because Jimi was left-handed he was forced to restring his guitar upside-down. Jimi's first inspirations were among two of the greatest artists of jazz music to date, Muddy Waters, and the amazing B.B King. Jimi was so in love with his guitar that it rarely left his side. As a matter of fact he slept with it in his bed.

By Jimi's mid teens, he was playing blues, and R&B with his band the Rocking Kings. Jimi was so talented that he could play behind his back, between his legs, and...