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Job After someone reads this book on this poor man how can anyone not feel sympathy for him. The point of the story, which I assume is taught at church, is that this mans belief in god is so strong that even losing everything that he had wouldn't he would never lose that faith. After losing his family, his animals, and his health he still stayed strong. Was all this right? Is this the right way to teach that you should always have faith even when you have nothing and are in the worst health? This wasn't something that just happened to him; these awful things were put on him to prove a point to Satan and Job. Playing with someone to prove a point isn't exactly the way to show the way something is especially to someone as unimportant as Satan is. The representation of sin and evil shouldn't get the opportunity to do such things to someone even if this man was going to receive all he had lost and then some for this suffering.

It can be argued that this was right a good lesson can be learn or that this wasn't right and a lesson should have been taught another way.

If someone were to read the story of Job not knowing where it came from there really wouldn't be a lesson learned. You see a man who believes strongly in someone who somewhat toys with him to prove someone wrong. There is also a lesson learned by Job about how he acts towards God. Which God teaches him that he is nowhere in comparison to. What would someone take from a man feeling that he has no one to turn to? Even Job's friends, who somehow show up at a time that they are needed the least, seem to be of no help and don't support him at all. It seems hard to understand the point of the book for reading it just on its own. Then if you read it in its place in the bible its still seems hard to justify that it's all to show the faith and how strong the belief in God should be. God doesn't show this strength in faith in someone that is actually suffering such as someone that has nothing at all to begin with. This might have made it easier to prove how someone can see people that have everything when they have nothing and still have a strong faith. A man that has a strong faith in something to begin with then loses everything already believes that there is a reason for everything that god does so Job just goes with it. Its easy for someone to take this and not agree with the way that this lesson was so pose to be learned.

It can be defended just as easy that this is a perfect example of how strong faith pays off in the end. Anyone with a strong belief in something knows that no matter what happens if what you believe in is right then there is a reason for whatever is happening at that moment. Job is strong in his belief in god and so strong that he turns against people who are his friends. (Which were punished by God for defying him and not having their faith all there) Job is rewarded in the end with thousands more animals that he had to begin with as if to show that anyone who holds strong to the Lord will in turn be rewarded in the long run. When you have as strong as a belief as Job does in God this story only motivated you. It can be searched all over and everyone will say that has a faith and knows the story that this is an example of the worst of the worst and only a strong faith could help over come all the obstacles faced in this story.

Finally I think that it's hard for me to understand how someone can learn from someone's suffering. I am not a church going person myself but I know the importance of believing in something and sticking with that belief. Job is a prime example of how believing in something and not letting anything change that whether it be lose of all possessions, lose of health, and lose of the trust in your friends, you always stick with what you believe. Something about the story makes me wonder what if you believe in something and its not right then what happens to you when you stick with that belief even though your friends tell you that you shouldn't. Then you just keep suffering and will always wonder why. In a public university someone wouldn't expect to read from the bible. I know I wouldn't. After reading each assignment it makes me want to take my point of view and compare it to others who attend church and bible study three times a week. (I have already asked my neighbor three times how he feels and what he gets out of some of the readings) I want to know how and why so I can understand and see where they are coming from. Job is the best story I have read so far and it seems to me to be one of the most well known among everyone that I know.