John Adams. This essay tells about the educations John Adams went through and also about his terms in politics

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Birth and Early Childhood

John Adams born in Massachusetts Bay Colony ( now know as Quincy, Mass.) on October 30, 1735. He Lived and grew up there until he let for college.

College and Early Career

He attendedHarvard University in 1751. He later graduated Harvard in 1755, he ended up taking a position as a teacher in Worcester. where he later left his teaching position to take on a lawyer position in Braintree, where he wrote wills, deeds, and he took an interest in town affairs. His practice often took him to Boston where he met up with his distance cousin Samuel Adams and James Otis Jr. They joined the "Sodalitas" the lawyers mixed up and discussed the Stamp Act of 1765. He was elected as a Selectman but he gave that post up in 1768 to move to Boston for good.

In 1770 he got his most dramatic case, where he and Josiah Quincy defended the British Soldiers accused of murder in the Boston Massacre.

They won this case. He decided to semiretire in 1771, after 16 months he returned to Boston.

After the Boston Tea party in 1773, he become a delegate to the first Continental Congress in 1774.

During the next three years in Philadelphia, Adams pushed congress into action to separate the colonies from Britain.

With George Washington as Commander in Chief of colonial forces he sent the naval forces to challenge the British. Adams laid down the principles of foreign policy and he helped write the resolution of May 10, 1776. Which declared America independent and defended the Declaration of Independence.

He became chairman of the Board of War and Ordinance, for a year (1776- 1777). Adams was sent to Paris in October 1782, Adams joined John Jay and Franklin in the peace discussions. They...