John The Baptist

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John the Baptist was a forerunner for our Lord Jesus Christ. He was born to Zacharias and Elizabeth after an Angel by the name of Gabriel told them that Elizabeth was with son, even in her old age. This was quite hard to believe for the both of them because they were very old, and it was not custom to have a child in your late years. John is considered to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ because he basically prepared the way for all of his followers.

        From birth John knew his mission, and he started to carry it out around AD 15. John lived in the wilderness, and ate wild honey and locusts. He wore a vest of camel’s hair, and baptized people in the Jordan River. He preached baptism, the coming of Christ, and the repentance of sins. John started this ministry around AD 26. One day while John was preaching by the Jordan River, Jesus came to him to be baptized, and to fulfill the prophecy.

That’s exactly what John did too, and the prophesy was then fulfilled.

        Later on in John’s life he was captured and imprisoned by King Herod, we believe that this event took place around AD 28. Herod was quite furious with John, and one night while being entertained by a dancer, he came up with the grand idea to grant her anything that she wanted. After her mother pushed on for her to have John executed, she accepted, and Herod was glad to oblige her request. John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ Jesus, was then executed by the method of beheading, then brought to the mother of the dancer who proceeded to get a pin, and stab his tongue several times, after she was finished, she then decided to bury his head in an unclean place.